Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let 'er Rip

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.
Let 'er Rip in this case refers to More texture...Higher chroma...More impressionistic/expressionistic. Trying to capture speed and excitement on a flat 5x7 surface.

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  1. Wow, Dean! You've outdone yourself. You've packed so much info into this little canvas that it feels larger than it is. You're rippin' it up!


  2. This is wonderful Dean with great brushstrokes and color...and on such a small format, well done!

  3. Wow... you masterfully painted power and speed with a few strokes of your brush. Bravo Deano!

  4. Brushstrokes are very powerful. Speed is seen thrugh it..Well done Dean...:)

  5. I think you've accomplished your goal beautifully, Dean. Blurring the background and second horse and jockey does give that frozen in flash moment of the race. I just love your work. Always a treat.

  6. I love it Dean. It seems that you captured the speed of the horses through the speed of your brush. Very well done.

  7. What incredible colours Dean - and you've certainly caught the speed of these beautiful animals with the jockey in full cry!

  8. Wonderful painting, Dean! Love the colors and composition.


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