Sunday, April 20, 2008

Iguana In Acrylic

Now, time for something different! This is acrylic on a 5x7 archival canvas panel.

Over the last few oil paintings, I have felt that something was lacking...unsatisfied with the result...missing the "old days" when there was an excitement looking at a freshly completed piece of art and making great discoveries in this or that area.

Time to break the boredom. I used to paint exclusively in acrylics before starting in oils about 6 years ago. Today I had a crack at acrylics once again and it was a blast. This isn't exactly the image I had in mind, but I let the painting lead me...I let the color fly. Tho not perfection, I can feel the thrill with this one. This is not about reality, but expression and creating! I hope you like it...let me know.


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  1. Good post Dean. It is always good to shake it up a bit if you are feeling bored.
    I like the iguana, especially how you carved the silhouette with the background colors. Great use of painting the negative space around the subject.
    Hope that makes sense.
    That background is real lively.

  2. Makes a lot of sense to me, Frank. As a matter of fact, painting the negative space around the subject was one of my main joys in doing this one.
    Thank you for noticing!!


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