Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Close ups

Oil on 6x6 canvas panel.

This is my contribution to The Yellow Challenge at DPW posted by Abbey Ryan .
Abbey gave quite a discourse on the color yellow. Check it out at the Challenge.

I really love to paint these bright little birds. The goldfinch's favorite food is thistle seed. The purple thistle patch where they hang out is a great complement to the goldfinch! God has the ultimate artistic eye!

The board was first toned with a reddish acrylic. It looked so good to me as I was painting, I wound up letting it serve as much of the background.

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  1. What a golden beauty, really gorgeous. :)

  2. This Goldfinch is beautifully painted, Dean...wonderful colors...and love the light on the purple flowers.. well done.

  3. Beautiful Dean!... Your depiction of this friendly fellow captures the colour and the perky tenor of this wee songster!

    We really enjoy the cheeriness of the group we have here in our yard in Rockport!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Un charmant petit chardonneret pour illuminer ma journée qui commence tôt aujourd'hui... Les oiseaux dans mon jardin ne chantent pas encore... Ce petit chardonneret pourrait leur donner la note!
    Moi je vous donne une excellente note pour cette peinture pleine de charme et de couleurs vivifiantes.
    gros bisous.

  5. Beautifully done, Dean! I agree with your decision with the background. That red/orange really makes everything else 'POP'.


  6. A beautiful bird on a flower I instantly recognized. By the way, Dean...I now have your three pieces framed and on the wall behind my couch, right beneath a piece by Claire Carnell. Took a while for me to get the frames but they look mahvelous!

  7. Lovely Goldfinch. This is a striking little painting.

  8. Dean, all I can say is it's perfect. The bird's pose, the colors, your style of portraying the thistles - all wonderful!!!

  9. Robie...Thanks for stopping by and checking me out! Thanks for the kind words.

  10. Bruce....Thanks for the kind words. Yes these little birds are definitely day brighteners!

  11. Martine wrote: "A charming little goldfinch to brighten my day that starts early today ... The birds in my garden do not sing again ... This little goldfinch could give them the note!
    I give you high marks for this painting charming and invigorating colors.
    big kisses."

    Thank you, Martine!

  12. Hi Don, Glad to know that you're in agreement with me on the background! I respect and appreciate your input.

  13. Hi Sherry, I really appreciate you letting me know you still like them...and not stacking them in a corner of the basement...Lol!

  14. I appreciate your very kind words, Susan!

  15. Wow, Kathryn! Thank you SO much!!

  16. Beautiful painting, as always, Dean. Love how you painted the thistles and it compliments the bright colors of the gold-finch!


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