Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Floral Glory

Close ups

They've just switched to the new Blogger interface. I haven't figured how to do anything yet!!! AAAAggHHH!

Oil on 5x7 canvas panel.

This is my contribution to The Cropping Challenge at DPW posted by Rita Kirkman.
Rita is a SUPER artist! She posted a photo showing a large area with way too much information. Her instructions were: " I challenge you to simplify this photo by picking a part to paint by cropping it out"

I hope they don't revoke my artistic license for this. I like working from a close crop. But not much color was evident in the crop. So I had to do a lot of inventing. It is actually my favorite way to work. I came up with a rule ( I think it's my own, at least the wording is)..."Don't let a photograph get in the way of your painting."
Thank you for this challenge, Rita! I am a great admirer of your work!


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  1. You are very loyal to complete so many challenges, Dean! I always let the organizers down! Super colours for the cropped flower painting!

  2. This is beautiful, Dean..!! I also hate the new system with blogging! Thank Goodness my granddaughter was over to help me post my last painting...I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself!! I hate change!

  3. I agree with you about blogger. I am having trouble....Hope it will get easier why do they have to fix what isn't broke. Love the close up crop. Maybe I will go and try this one myself.

  4. Une peinture où vous avez réussi magnifiquement bien à épurer une photo pour y laisser apparaître seulement votre ressenti et le tout dans une harmonie de couleurs étonnante.

    Je vous rassure en ce qui concerne la nouvelle version que j'ai abandonné pour revenir à l'ancienne.

    gros bisous

  5. Dean, in one of the pull down menus there is an option that reads "old blogger interface"--I find that and use it all the time!
    This is a very intriguing painting..I like it a lot!

  6. I think this is glorious, Dean! I love the dimness of light and the blue/violet accents for highlights. This looks like a gorgeous library in a rich person's beautiful home!

    I finally have my 3 Dean Haven pieces framed and on the wall instead of leaning up against the wall behind the fireplace and the stack of books on my dresser. They have a primo spot behind the couch and look awesome!

  7. Just wonderful Dean! Love the overall color and the mystery in this. Really well done.

  8. Marie...I find these challenges keep me painting on a fairly steady basis.
    Thanks for your kind words on the flowers!

  9. Thanks, Hilda! I fought for two hrs. to get this post up. I'm finally starting to figure it out.

    Celeste was kind enough to point out she uses the old blogger interface. You get there by:
    click on Template>Options at top rt of page>Old Blogger Interface.
    Hope this helps.

  10. Thanks, Angela.
    Yes, you should definitely try this challenge!

  11. Martine said: "A painting when you were able to purify a beautifully photo to appear only leave your feelings and everything in surprising harmony of colors.

    I reassure you regarding the new version that I gave back to the old."

    Thank you, Martine! I hope we can get used to the new blogger soon.

  12. Thank you, Celeste...Glad that you like it!
    Thanks for your tip about using the old interface. Much appreciated!

  13. Thank you, Sherry, for your very kind words!
    You are too kind! I am greatly honored that paintings by me are on your walls! :)

  14. Thank you so much, Barbara!
    I forced myself to simply stop painting once I established colors that interested me!...Maybe I should have continued????


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