Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Light Show-Still Life

Close ups

Oil on 7x5 hardboard.

This is my contribution to this week's DPW's The Black & White to Color Challenge . The challenge was issued by the very accomplished artist, Belinda Del Pesco .
The challenge was to paint a color version of a black and white image she posted - in any color harmonies you'd like, but keep the values accurate.
A very useful and educational exercise!

I had fun exploring color combinations and observing all the stunts the light played in the photo!
It was reflecting, refracting, and blurring by the aerial perspective. Thus my title: "Light Show".

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  1. Une harmonie de couleurs qui me ravit... Une très belle interprétation pour ce challenge.
    Parfois je me dis, en regardant une de mes toile achevée, quelle couleur aurais-tu choisie si tu avais peint la robe de ton personnage mardi plutôt que lundi, un jour de pluie ou un jour ensoleillé... ? C'est exactement ce que je me pose comme question en admirant votre jolie toile, avec ce challenge. Et pourtant, je ne sais pas pour vous, en peignant je ne me pose jamais cette question... Je peins, j'exécute ce que mon coeur et mon ressenti me dicte!
    Gros bisous et bravo pour ce merveilleux travail.

  2. what a great job you did on this! I love the colors--!

  3. Another just gorgeous piece, Dean. There is something so homey and comforting in this one. By the way, you are Michael's favorite artist! He comments at least weekly about your pieces that we own.

  4. Thank you, Martine.
    Yes, I think the colors I used here on that particular day would be pretty different if the picture were painted on a different day. It would undoubtedly vary with the mood.

  5. Thank you, Celeste! Much appreciated.

  6. Thanks, Sherry! That means a lot!

  7. Just lovely Dean. I love stopping by. You keep things fresh, so many different subjects, methods and mediums.

  8. Beautiful! You did a wonderful job on this painting Dean!

  9. It is educative to see many colors used judiciously to arrive at this glow, quite different from other attempts of the challenge.

  10. Gorgeous painting, Dean. Your colors seem to glow...wonderful job on this challenge!

  11. You really captured the effect of distance through the window. Very nice indeed.


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