Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucky Bug-Cricket

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.

This is my contribution to this week's DPW's "The Superstition Challenge" posted by Gwen Duda.
We were challenged to do a painting based on a superstition.
A cricket in the house is supposed to be good luck. Here, boy....I need all the luck I can get!
I love to hear their song.

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Hebrews 3:4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.


  1. He looks so real, great job. They drive me crazy when they get in, I'll have to remember to tell myself that's good luck.

  2. Yeesh; I hate bugs, Dean! Still and yet, you've managed to highlight As bugs go, he is a gorgeous one!

  3. interesting subject....I think I remember hearing that about crickets being good luck! I like to hear them too...but only on the outside of the house...haha..nice painting!

  4. Great strong contrast. And a fun positive superstition!

  5. Looks too real, Dean! Glad it means good luck, because I just saw one last week in my basement!! With the Hurricane coming, I'll need it!

  6. I really like this one. The contrast is really working quite well. Nice job.


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