Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flower Power-Water Lilies

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.

This is for the WDE at Wet Canvas. Jean supplied the reference photo.

This is in answer to the super color challenge put forth on WDE this week. It's something I've had my in mind for quite a long time. To add extreme color, including color "surprises", to a subject to energize and "excite" the painting.
I really enjoyed the process.

The hardboard first received a coat of black gesso. Love that black gesso...I call it "black magic" the way it makes colors "pop" from the very first strokes.
I used a palette knife and brush for the textured paint.
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James 4:3
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News Flash!
I just won a watercolor monoprint from a great artist and blogging friend, Helen Percy Lystra! I already have a spot picked out for it and anxiously await it's arrival in the mail!
Check out her inspiring blog, folks!Link


  1. Je suis toujours très attirée par les fleurs de nénuphars... Dans la vallée des moulins en Normandie l'an dernier j'ai pris des photos magnifiques fleurs de nénuphars avec des petites reinettes assises sur leurs feuilles...
    Je trouve que vous avez traité à la perfection leur élégance et leur souplesse avec des tons acidulés adéquats...
    Votre touche ou votre écriture est bien reconnaissable... Depuis plus d'un an maintenant que je vous suis, c'est toujours un plaisir que de pouvoir admirer votre travail.

  2. Pretty! I like it...the dark background helps sell it!

  3. Another beauty here, Dean. No one does that black gesso underpainting like you do!

  4. The beauty of nature- captured wonderfully.

  5. Very pretty...and congrad's to

  6. The colors are popping out and the black background had accentuated their beauty, very pretty!

  7. Hi dean,i just want to say, i like this painting.wonderfull

  8. Thanks for sharing your technique with us. I always wondered how you got your colors to pop out. Hard to believe all that beauty on such a small format! Nice work, Dean!

  9. This is a beauty, Dean! Beautiful colors on the dark palette made those lilies pop. Great texture as well.

  10. This is beautiful Dean. Love that pink on that dark background. I like painting on dark backgrounds too, I think things are so dramatic that way.


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