Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling Light Headed

Close ups
Happy Halloween!
Acrylic, approx. 9"x8" on Canson cold pressed watercolor paper.

The WDE was on a Halloween theme this week. Dana was the gracious hostess.

I first put the drawing on the paper then applied many wet washes of acrylic, often encouraging runs and blends by spritzing with water. Sometimes a blow dryer was used between washes.

I tried to reach a balance between detail and suggestion.

It was a blast to try some experimentation.

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  1. love the title!
    I've never used acrylic that way. It sounds interesting, perhaps I will have to experiment too.

  2. EEEEW SO scary!! I love this one! Happy Halloween, Dean!

    Hoping Tuesday brings on some good spirits....hope springs eternal!!

  3. Nice job, Dean. I love the washes. Isn't this stuff fun?!!? Hope you had a fun Halloween.


  4. I like the way it looks like a transparent water color wash, lovely job Dean!

  5. Great job Dean. It looks like you had fun painting this one.

  6. So great, love all the drips. I thought it was watercolor at first. It does look like it was great fun to paint.

  7. never a slave to the reference...that's what I love about you! Bravo!

  8. Very spooky, Dean - GREAT title.

  9. Ooooohhh Really Great ..Love the background too..!

  10. LOOOOOOVE your sense of humor Dean!


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