Saturday, October 02, 2010

Texas Sunset-Longhorn

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard

I painted this for the WDE at Wet Canvas. The reference photo was supplied by Kay.

Awhile back, I painted a lot of longhorn paintings. I actually ran out of good source material. So, it was fun to finally do another.

This is oil on a 5x7 hardboard. I first toned the surface with a combination of cadmium orange and red oxide acrylic. This set me up to answer Kay's challenge of using some fall colors within the composition. I liked it so well that I kept much of it for the sky.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. WOA..... MOooooo ve over I'm coming
    Beautiful, I love the cropping too.

  2. great job---! a Texas Longhorn is a dramatic looking gave him his due.

  3. Beau travail... Impressionnantes les cornes de ce taureau...

  4. A great composition and a wonderful job, Dean.

  5. A great painting Dean! Those are some serious looking horns! Your choice of colour is incredible. I also love those guinea fowl which I missed previously. Loved catching up!

  6. And this is what Texas is all about! The fiery colors in the background give your painting that almost Mexican touch too!

  7. Fantastic work, Dean. I love your Longhorn series.

  8. Some how I missed when you posted this. I love it great painting.

  9. I love the tension in the line across the horns, Dean. You've really got me thinking about composition this morning. That bodes well for the studio!
    Have a great day painting!

  10. Awesome composition and color. The dramatic contrast of the orange sky against the dark long horn adds drama and excitement.

  11. Dean, I am learning a lot from you here! The light catching the side of the head gives just enough detail! The spectator's eye fills in the rest of the animal!


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