Thursday, December 08, 2011

Kneeling Soldier

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.

Your friend and mine, Sherry, from conservativelybohemian, requested I do a painting for a Vietnam vet co-worker, Jack. She wanted me to add the helmet on the rifle. I believe it was a really fine touch. He's getting this for Christmas.
Thank you,Jack, for your service. God bless all those in service to this country.
This one's heading your way, Sherry!


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  1. wow the helmet is indeed a great touch. Realizing that so many men were willing to go to war for the rest of us has always astonished me. We are all deeply in their debt!
    Beautiful painting!

  2. Une peinture remplie de sentiments et vraiment d'une grande force...
    Je vous félicite pour cette réalisation.
    Gros bisous

  3. Thank you so much, Dean. Truly a magnificent piece and I know Jack will be so very touched. One of my coworkers has had me bring this up on the computer at work to show his wife. No worries though...Jack will be surprised - he hasn't seen this or known of our conspiring for his gift.

  4. A wonderfully done tribute to our men (and women) in service for our country.

  5. Horst your patriotic paintings always move me to the heart especially since my daughter is a captian in the Marine Corp and is away from home somewhere in the ocean? gulf? water? at an undisclosed location. We won't be sharing Christmas with her because she serves. Her two small Children will see santa with their dad. Oops! yep I am a little emotional. Thanks again Horst.

  6. A beautiful tribute, Dean!! Very touching and well done!!

  7. Beautiful painting! The composition, the colors make a great emotion (a great sadness in my case!) Happens to be one day to live in peace and let his young enjoy life ....?


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