Monday, November 28, 2011

Bahamian Portrait

First step

First I used Pigma Pens and a wash of acrylic to get me started...this is in the challenge. Thought about keeping it but decided "Naw"...I have it's image in my file.
30 Min.

Close ups

Oil on 6x6 canvas panel.

This is my contribution to this week's WDE at Wet Canvas. Li was the gracious hostess. Thanks for the great references, Li.

At that I am really satisfied with! One of my main heroes is Scott Burdick. Check out his work.
Before doing this painting, I went and viewed loads of his images to let it all sink in. I think that may have helped with the outcome. I have been attempting his style for a long time, and I feel this is the closest I've ever come.

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  1. Dean I am so impressed. His features are so defined and indepth. This is spectacular. Love it.

  2. Man alive, I agree that is one heckuva great portrait! Wowser!! what are "pigma pens"? I don't know about them. Does Burdick start with acrylic? You did a fantastic job!

  3. Dean Dean Dean! This is just magnificent! I'm glad you kept going with it because had you left it at the first stage, I thought it looked kind of like a corpse with its tongue sticking out. Glad to see it come to life! And what a life! This man has seen much and he is absolutely beautiful! And by the way, I loved how you had it to start; it was just the mouth that I wasn't seeing clearly that gave me that corpse impression. Oy. I should just shut up.

  4. hi dean,this painting,is beautiful.i think you painted this man so well. take care ben.

  5. I, too, love his work. And, this is so well done! The beard and whiskers! You should go out and shoot a series of faces from your town and paint them!

  6. Thank you, Angela! I appreciate it!

  7. Celeste...They're actually Sakura Pigma Brush Pens. supposed to be waterproof, but I had to give a shot of fixative before the acrylic wash.

    Scott B. just starts right in with oils. Find him on Google and You tube.

  8. Sherry... Lol...Thanks...I think. Lol

  9. Very much appreciated, Ben!

  10. Wow, Dean this is just wonderful! You have out done yourself this week!!! Great job, I love it!

  11. Excellent job Dean! You nailed it. Every detail of this painting is done so well and I love the highlights!

  12. Wow Dean! This portrait came out great. I also love the painting of shoes from the "Happy Days"post.

  13. This is a wonderful portrait, Dean! I agree with you about Scott Burdick. He's a hero of mine, too.


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