Friday, November 25, 2011

French Toast-Still Life

Close ups

Oil on 7x5 hardboard.

This is my contribution to this week's DPW's The Paint your Toaster Challenge posted by Shelley Ross. Shelley wrote: The shiny metal surface creates a playground for tinkering with reflections. The manufactured straight lines are an interesting alternative to organic objects.

My new toaster has a non reflective plastic coating, so it wouldn't do. I dug around and found my old one taking up residence in a corner of my basement. I gave one side a quick Windex shine and set a glass of French merlot wine in front of it.
So this is a French toast to all my art and blogging friends! Thanks for making my day every day. :)

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  1. Nice reflections, Dean. The top of the toaster captivated my mind, leading me to wonder if your kitchen walls are green. Very unique.

  2. Nice one! I like how your reflections tell the story for you. I hope you toasted your wonderful job at the end and knocked back what was left in the glass. I'd hate to think some good wine could have gone to waste. :-)

    I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. God Bless!


  3. Beautifully done, Dean! It took me a few moments to realize I wasn't looking at two glasses of wine (and I was wondering what was sitting on the top of one of the glasses)! Finally I realized I was looking at one glass and a reflection. You are so darned clever!

  4. Beautifully painted, Dean!!! Love the reflections and that beautiful color of the wine!! gorgeous piece.

  5. Love the title. Great reflections, curves and geometrics. Will this lead to many more still lifes? Hope so!

  6. a nice optical illusion--took me a moment to see what I was looking at! Reflective surfaces are such a did a great job

  7. Awesome painting Dean! What a great concept!

  8. I love the double meaning of your title, Dean! Had a nice little giggle! Thank you for scripture bits too! And would you believe it, I also painted wine for a theme this week!

  9. Dean this is great. The refections are so perfect that it almost tricks the eye to start with. Love it.


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