Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Gardener-Goat

Close ups

Oil on 7x5 archival canvas panel.

This is my contribution to the WDE at Wet Canvas. Catherine was the gracious host and supplied the images. This is actually the combo of two photos. One with the kid and one of the flowers. I decided to combine them for storyline and comic value.

I first toned it with red acrylic. Much of it shows in the upper right. Laying down the impasto paint is always fun! I hope you all like it!

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  1. Trop mignon cet agneau... Vous avez su lu donner sa candeur...

  2. Simply beautiful! Reminds me of the days with my goats when I could just sit and spend time with them.

  3. So adorable! Painted in your signature rich and dreamy colors. Beautiful.

  4. goats are so did this one justice...!

  5. Gasp! Please don't eat the daisies!! I don't think this is comic in any way, Dean. I think it is precious and oh so beautiful! I think I've read of people keeping goats simply to avoid mowing! And what a glorious field to mow!

  6. Sweet little goat! I love the background strokes of rich colors!

  7. Another wonderful piece by Deano...


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