Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Breakfast Juice Fruit-Orange

Close ups

Oil on 8x12 Canva Paper. Each individual block is approx. 4x4 in.
There's a great new challenge going around! It's the DPW Challenge-Ten Minute Challenge.
The requirements for this particular one was to set a timer for ten min....and paint like crazy. When the timer goes off, STOP! Then reset the timer and start the next painting. Move the subject around, etc. if desired. Do a series of small quick oil sketches with this ten min. limit. Great practice. I'll be doing some more of this on my own in the future.
This is the brainchild of that super artist and blogger, Carol Marine.

Available...Contact me at kkayangel2(at)yahoo.com if interested.

1 Peter 2:22 “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.”


  1. Vous aussi Dean vous avez fait dans le vitaminé!!! Génial et très réussi, j'aime l'ensemble de toutes ces nuances de couleurs...

  2. How fun is this master Dean! You make me want to do it! YEA! PS...I loved the froggy!!

  3. Nice work, as always, Dean!

  4. They form a happy colourful set of works!

  5. Very nice Dean! So glad Carol picked up where Karin left off, I plan to get in on it before too long.

  6. What a great idea - thank you Dean, like Barbara, am planning to get in on it before too long!

    Had to go back as I missed so much - Dave the Cat is just beautiful! You are so good!


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