Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dinner Date#2

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.
This painting is my answer to the DPW Challenge. That great painter, Carol Marine, came up with this wonderful challenge. This week's challenge was "one stroke per color". Mix a color, pick up paint, lay down a stroke...repeat complete 3 step process over and over...mixing a new color each time. You get the idea.

This is very close to how I try to paint all the time, however it is difficult to fight the tendency to fudge and sneak in a few extra strokes with the same color.
My first attempt was bland....all too mid value. So I redid it more to my satisfaction. This is my second attempt. I like the dark dramatic parts and the high value highlights.

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  1. Wonderful! I've already tried Marine's challenge and failed miserably. I'm going to try again after I've dusted myself off. Again, I'm here to be inspired by a true master.

  2. Très bon travail... Je vous félicite.
    Un très beau relief et vos couleurs chantent bien et restituent à la perfection la douceur de ces oignons.
    Merci encore pour vos chaleureux commentaires.

  3. Nice job, Dean. I've not painted with a brush the way you describe, but always with a knife. I've tried with a brush but find myself wanting to smooth everything together.


  4. And a beautiful date it is. Nice couple here, Dean.

  5. Thank you, Skizo

    Sheila...Thanks for the kind words. Yes, do paint a second effort. I'm glad I did. I should do several more in the manner of this challenge. It teaches a lot.

  6. Martine...Merci!

    Don...I thought of you as I painted this one.
    1...Because I used the palette knife to scrape off my brush. This removed much of the paint plus shaped the bristles into a sharp edge-much like a palette knife itself.
    2...Then I'd mix up another color, pick it up on the edge of the knife.
    3...then pick up the paint from the knife using the sharp edged brush.
    Sounds crazy, but it works!

  7. I have to try this---that one stroke thing really produces the "freshest" look. You did a wonderful job!

  8. I thought I had left a comment the other night wen I saw this. I was tired and might have forgotten to click "Publish" Oh well, it gave me a chuckle.... you always come up with really neat names for your paintings. Veyr nicely done!


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