Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Oil on 5x7 gessoed hardboard.

I've had this photo in my collection for quite some time-wanting to paint it. I had been painting it in my mind. That is, I was going over what I wanted to try for with this one. I laid in thick paint with a painting knife then went in with a brush. My aim was to have the thick paint inner blend in beautiful ways, creating new and unexpected colors! Textural excitement.
I feel as if I half way got there. Some parts I really like...that's why I've included three close ups.
The chick on the left appears to be too short compared to the one on the right. The painting is true to the photo, but since it looks strange, maybe I should fix it. What do you think??


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  1. Oh Deano... you gave me another reason why life is beautiful and precious. I love this. HUGS!

  2. Wow, Dean, it's wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing - it looks fine to me.

  3. It's interesting how you applied the paint with a painting knife then a brush. I love your technique and the colors just glow!

  4. Hi Sheila...That was really my feeling as I did this painting. Thanks for putting it into words!!

  5. Thanks Edward. I truly appreciate your input and supportive words.
    But try as I may....my eye keeps going back to the poor strange chick.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Carol.
    I have only started checking out my thoughts on first putting gobs on with palette knife then using brushwork. I seems as though it may have huge potential!

  7. I love this Dean! The chicks are so cute. I see what you mean about the one little chick - he looks like he is about to sit down (or poop) ;-) I don't know that I'd change it.

    BTW I love the technique you used.

  8. Here Chick y Chick y come my way you are so precious I want to cup you in a my hands.
    They are so perfect. The left one seem to be reaching for something, so the different angle. I personally like the difference from the others. Either way it's seeing things like these that remind us of the same moments in real life when you had the opportunity to hold a chick and a big smile comes on ones face,that we are part of something BEautiful. Thanks for adding yourself to my list of followers.

  9. Hi Dean!
    I love the brushwork, knifework, colors..Excellent!
    I see what you mean about the smaller chick..but if I make that chick the same size (in my mind's eye) the objects would all be similar and that compromises the composition.
    I do think (since you've asked...) that the composition might have been improved if the smaller chick overlapped the chick to the right more-so. There is sort of an odd tangent thing happening in the center of the painting.
    However...honestly..I would not change the painting. I love how loose and confident your paintings are and the "heart" of this painting kind of trumps the compositional problem. If it were my painting I might consider doing another (some day) where the smaller chick was moved over overlapping the other one by a half inch give or take..This has been a long winded answer to your question. To sum up.. your smaller chick lends "variety in scale" so I wouldn't increase it's size.

  10. Hi Karen..Thanks for your valued opinion.

    "he looks like he is about to sit down (or poop) ;-)" Lol! He could maybe star in a Charmin commercial instead of the cuddly bear.

  11. Thanks for your words, Dominique!
    Doing this painting did remind me of the times I held a chick in my hand as a small child and the wonderment I felt.

  12. Hi Celeste! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to let me hear your right-on C&C. Your ideas are very valuable to me. I totally agree about the tangent feel at mid painting. Also thanks for the suggestion to leave the chick as is.
    Leaving the little guy alone seems to be the popular consensus. Thanks to all for the wonderful response!

  13. I just adore this little painting. So fresh and I love the subtle changes in color from paint stroke to paint stroke. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. Thank you, Hillary, for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated.
    Loved your blog!

  15. Hey Dean, I am giving you an Art Blog Award cut & paste from mine. You deserve it.

  16. Very nice painting - great design and execution.

  17. Hi Dean, I'm a little late on this, but I agree that the best plan is to leave the little one alone. Celeste is right about having a variety of sizes on those guys/girls. Besides, that's how those little chicks are, they bop up and down.
    I think that what might be bothering you is the proportion of his head to body compared to the front guy. It reads to me like his neck is just in tight, while the other one's is stretched.
    Nice painting.

  18. Hello Dean
    This is my first visit to your blog. these are nice paintings, much in the style of oils I admire.The close ups of the brush strokes are very interesting and add greatly to the viewers experience.
    I look forward to following your work.

  19. Hi, Bill/Lisa! Thanks for the kind words!

  20. Hi Frank, missed you, my friend.
    You wrote;"I think that what might be bothering you is the proportion of his head to body compared to the front guy. It reads to me like his neck is just in tight, while the other one's is stretched."

    You are right on what was bothering me. You are also right about the bodies appearing to change size due to stretching or scrunching.
    I have decided to leave the little guy alone and stop picking on him...Lol.
    Thanks a million for your valued input, Frank.

  21. Hi Trevor...Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your very kind words.
    I checked out your site, and enjoyed the beautiful water colours and oils!

  22. Hello Dean - I have such fond memories of little yellow chicks visiting my grandparents farm. When there was unusually cold weather (in SW Louisiana), my grandmother would bring in a large cardboard box with the little chicks inside to weather the cold. I can hear yours chirping away, although I am late responding, I'd leave it as is...it's perfect.

  23. Hello, Angela...Thanks for sharing your charming memories. It seems that chicks awaken warm memories in me also...my grandparents farm long ago.

  24. I love it...especially the thick juicy paint!!

  25. I was looking at your wonderful cats and wondering whether to bookmark your blog, when I saw the chicks...

    Oh my, how I love baby chick paintings...

    Maybe one day you'll take a look at mine.

    I'm hooked...

  26. Hi, Patrice! Thanks for your supportive comments.
    I checked out your blogs...you are a very busy lady! The artwork is great. The murals rock too!

  27. Just found you, Dean. I love your work. Think I'll try some DSFDF paintings myself.

  28. Sorry,I must have overlooked this comment, Carol. Thanks for the kind words. Yes you really should do some DSFDF challenges.


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