Thursday, February 05, 2009

Art Blog Award

I received an AWARD by fellow artist and friend Dominique Eichi. Please check her blog and see her wonderful paintings.

So from what I understand I am to post 7 things I love and pass it along.
so here goes :

1. I love to listen to the sacred sounds of a pre dawn morning...waking bird calls...before the cars and people start to roar.
2. I love the heavenly smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon.
3. I love music in the Southern Gospel vein. Other times Country, 50-60's Rock and Roll, Blues, or Classic Standards when I'm in the right mood
4. I love the lure of new tubes of oil paint and the promise which they offer.
5. I love my toy poodle Dolly. She gives unadulterated love and completely forgives my mistakes. If only humans could be as compassionate..
6. I cherish the Holy Word.
7. I love all the excitement of the world of internet art. Blogging is most always a joy!

And speaking of internet excitement and joy, here are 7 talented artists you should check out.

1. Sheila
2. Sally Tharp
3. Mellisa Munding
4. Barbara Pask
5. Hillary Miller
6. Edward Burton
7. Adebanji Alade


  1. Thanks for this award Deano!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the award, Deano! I am very flattered and very honored.

  3. Dean, thanks for participating it's really nice learning a bit more about you. Dolly sounds so cute. You should post a pic of her one day.

  4. It was fun reading your seven made me smile..especially about Dolly!

  5. Thank you for accepting the award, Adebanji. Love your blog!

  6. Edward...thank you for accepting. And thanks for sharing your beautiful work via your blog!

  7. Thank you for the award,'s an honor.
    Hmmm...maybe I'll do a painting of Dolly soon.

  8. Hi, Celeste! Good to "see ya"!
    I owe a huge proportion of my daily smiles to little Dolly.

  9. Hi Dean, Good to hear from the paintings-ALL OF THEM!! but especially the chicks.

  10. Hi Dean, Good to hear from the paintings-ALL OF THEM!! but especially the chicks.

  11. Hi William..thanks for stopping in plus the kind words!


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