Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Oil on 7x5 gessoed hardboard.
We just had a ton of white stuff roll through Ohio since last night. Just now stopping at 4 pm. I remember when I looked forward to a big ol' snow and would play in it for hours at a time. Now I shudder at the word...I've seen more than enough this year. Ain't it funny what a difference a mere half century (plus) can make?

Since I didn't feel like going outside and playing, I painted this red-headed woodpecker.

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  1. Deano... [whenever I call you that I feel like bursting out a verse of ,"When the Moon Hits Your Eye.] I love woodpeckers and believe they are very unrepresented in the bird painting world. Thank you for such a delightful scarlet gem of a painting!

  2. Thank you Sheila. I too am a fan of the woodpeckers...among many others.

    "When the Moon Hits Your Eye"...oops, did I spill some of my drink on you??...Give it back! :)

  3. I think your time was well spent - the woodpecker turned out great. I don't blame you for not wanting to go outside and "play" in the snow. We've had such crazy weather - 30 & 40 degree differences from day to day. This week we've had almost 80 degree weather the next morning sleet and freezing rain - this morning it was 21 degrees. Now if it would just rain some and get us out of the drought. . .

  4. Thanks for your encouraging words on my painting, Karen.

    As to the crazy weather...looks as if Mother Nature is going through mood swings!!

  5. Wonderful job on this woodpecker, love the red head on this fellow. We are dealing with weather too, snow and ice. I took a gorgeous picture of a cardinal in the back yard surrounded by frozen trees, lots of those beautiful red birds in "our" state.

  6. Thanks for the nice words, Barb!
    I occasionally see those beautiful cardinals ( our state bird)myself...but I'm never lucky enough to get any good photos.

  7. Beautiful painting, Dean. Nice job bluring the background - makes the bird really stand out.

  8. Hi, Edward! I really appreciate your comment. I like those blurred b/g's occasionally.


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