Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keep The Doctors Away

Oil on 7x5 gessoed hardboard.
Ah, the simple apple...a favorite subject among many still life artists. In my opinion it beats out the female nude as subject matter....the apple won't complain if the room is cold...the neighbors won't be breaking their necks trying to peer into your studio window....the apple doesn't charge big $ per hour. Actually, I believe it might be hard picking up a nude at the super market...haven't really tried, though...might be wrong.

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  1. Ha Dean, You need to try that at the supermarket, let us know if it works, lol. This painting is really excellent, the apples are perfect and I like the dark background. You can feel the depth in this.

  2. Hi, Barb! Yep, I believe I oughtta try it. Thanks for your observations on the painting.

  3. LOL I won't make any crude comments about checking out the melon section then.

    Apples are a classic subject but difficult in mastering. Great job Dean.

  4. Beautiful job with the apples, Dean! Makes me want to go raid my fridge. Also, thank you for kind your comment about my memorial painting, it is much appreciated.

  5. Hi, Edward...Thanks for stopping in and the kind words.

  6. Hi, Sheila! Thanks for your thoughts on the apples...much appreciated.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the melons...I never fail to check out the melon section no matter where I'm at...some genetic,inherited, fruit flaw???


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