Friday, October 27, 2006

Close Up Cow

Oil on 9x12 canvas panel. Sold


  1. Cathey R. Bayless10/28/06, 4:42 PM

    I like Close Up Cow and I Kid You Not, probably because I especially like farm animals. Do you paint from life or photographs? I take it the bison and the wolf are not from life. The butterfly is very pretty. I'm from Ohio, too. My sister lives in Columbus.

  2. Hi,Chreyl. Thanks for the comment. I visited your blog...very nice work. Good luck in all you do.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Cathey. For the last couple of years, I have painted a lot from photos(my own whenever possible). But I have painted many years from life which makes it fairly easy to translate the live feel into painting from photos. Nice to hear from a fellow Ohio resident.


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