Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Primary Parrot-Birds

Close ups

Oil on 7x5 canvas panel.

This is my contribution to at DPW posted by Eileen McCoy.
Eileen wrote: "Paint using the primary colors: red, yellow and blue as the 3 main areas of your composition."
I painted this Scarlet Macaw with a brush and painting knife. I like the rich, impasto, surface.

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  1. OUTSTANDING COLOR on this parrot, Dean!! I thought it was a photo at first..this is truly a beautiful piece!

  2. Léo serait fier aujourd'hui de dire à ce beau perroquet : "Salut l'ami!"...

    J'aime beaucoup son regard.
    Les nuances de couleurs sont extrêmement belles et tranchent parfaitement bien avec les tons de votre fond.
    Une peinture qui me parle bien !

    De gros bisous et si je ne trouve pas un petit moment avant mon départ pour vous faire un coucou, sachez que je serai de retour à la mi-septembre.

  3. Really coming along great, Dean. You must be pleased.

  4. So bold, bright, and beautiful. Perfection all around, Dean. Then it comes as no surprise. Your work is always just so pretty to me.

  5. Dean, you really have a way with birds. Your macaw is magnificent!! Gorgeous take on red/yellow/blue!

  6. Hi there Dean!... In this one you have launched the Primaries to new levels of richness and meaning! A beautiful gem.... well painted and with much character!

    AWWWK!.... Polly wants a Keebler! That came from a long way back Dean! See what your painting does to folks!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Thank you, Hilda...you say the nicest things! :)

  8. martinealison said ...

    Leo would be proud today to say at this beautiful parrot: "Hi friend!" ...

    I love her look.
    The shades of colors are extremely beautiful and perfectly contrast with the tone of your background.
    A painting that speaks well!

    Big kisses and if I can not find a little time before I left for a cuckoo to you, know that I'll be back in mid-September.

    Thank you, Martine!
    I know our birds would be pals! The toucan and the macaw!!!:)

  9. Hi Julie...Yes, I'm pretty pleased with much of this one. I'm still working at your fracturing method (background). Trying to get it under some sort of control.

  10. Thank you, Sherry! I have the smilies on my face now...Lol!

  11. Thank you, Kathryn and Celeste!

  12. Thanks, Bruce! Always a pleasure to read your comments!
    Keebler...Hmmm...Sounds pretty good.
    May have to buy a parrot so I'd have an excuse to buy some Keeblers! :)

  13. A unique and perfect choice for the challenge! (Gorgeous painting too 8>)

  14. What a wonderfully colorful Parrot and each color well placed Dean, I used to see them a lot in Queensland


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