Sunday, August 09, 2009

Froggy Went A Courtin'

Close ups.

Golden Open Acrylics on hardboard.

Had to try the frog. It was a good way to investigate green variations-something I could normally do only with foliage. Good practice.
The image for this painting was supplied by Miss Mouse (cute name) for this week's WDE.

Still trying to get a handle on the open acrylics. Can't get the thick brushwork I would like-as I do in oils. I unintentionally tended to revert back to how I worked with normal acrylics-too thinly and too tightly. But I did finally manage to get a somewhat painterly appearance.

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  1. Love your frog. I do love drawing them.

  2. Great job on this frog Dean. I love the greens and the highlight just behind him. Also, a big thumbs up on the Frisco piece.

  3. He's so sweet! I don't think I'll be kissing him though!

  4. Nice colours Dean,looks like its just come out of the water)

  5. He's a prince! On the computer the painting looks like oil. I've never tried these paints. What's the point? Do they have an advantage over oil? Maybe less toxic?

  6. Hi Marilyn...There are some advantages...Open acrylics have a much faster drying time than can glaze or ship it off within a day. Yet they remain open enough to blend plus not drying on your palette for the length of a good painting session. And, yes, less fumy/toxic. But I still prefer oils at this time.

  7. The greens are great. And, you really show the slime. I'm not sure though that all the frog princes are/were wicked!

  8. Though I hate frogs, but now i love them....:) You have given him a sticky look and its looking real...Gr8 work! :)

  9. Looks to me like you're handling the acrylics quite well. I haven't tried the open acrylics yet but will one of these days.

  10. This frog is excellent, Dean! Love all of the little highlights - great colors too.


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