Sunday, August 02, 2009


Close ups

Oil on 7x5 hardboard.

This is my submission to the WDE this week. It is from a photo by this week's host, Mike.
I first covered the hardboard with black gesso. I enjoyed forming the raven by painting the negative space around it with the wild complimentary background colors.

Many, many, moons ago, I used to have a crow as a pet. Got him on a fishing outing. It was on the ground and couldn't fly well. Took him home and introduced him to Mom and family. I named him Crawford. Crawford was really entertaining with a large vocabulary of sounds and stunts.
Even though this is a raven, it sure looks like good ol' Crawford.


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psalm 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you.


  1. This is really stunning Dean. The bird is so powerful and the background stands up well to him. BRAVO!

  2. Dean, this one is breathtaking! This will sell well for sure!

  3. Dean, This is absolutely fabulous!! You so captured the bluish black color!! It makes me think of a pic I took recently of a crow with his back to me...I'll have to look for it when I return from Nebraska and send it to you!! AWESOME!!

  4. Hello Dean,
    This painting has so much energy and excitement! Many things here to like, but one of my very favorite things is the variety of dark blue-black shapes: variety in size of shapes and placement of said shapes. Outstanding!

  5. This just feeds the it :)

  6. Hi, Carol...Thanks. Those are two pretty strong forces. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Thanks, Deb...Yeah, selling is always a good thing!

  8. Hi Saundra! Thanks for your encouraging comments!
    I would be grateful for the picture! :)

  9. Thank you, Angela, for your thoughtful comments on this painting. I learn new things-things that never occurred to me-about my own paintings this way.

  10. Hi Dean,
    I have a real "thing" for ravens and crows...they are so popular now in paintings! Lucky me--I get to see so many interpretations of them these days. I like this one is a view we don't often consider. Crows are so intelligent (I'm sure Crawford was)--and of course they seem to represent the "dark side". I guess we can thank (my favorite original goth guy) EA Poe for that! Well...this is just a beauty. I like how you are trying auctions now. Makes things all the more fun..doesn't it!

  11. Very cool painting, Dean. The shine on the feathers came out great.

  12. Beautiful work, love the highlights you've achieved.

  13. You never disappoint - what a great painting. Very dramatic and I love the raven's stance - you can feel the movement. The colors are outstanding. Great job!


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