Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 Close ups

Oil on 7x5 canvas panel.

Wow...(patting myself on back)! Two posts in the same week!!!!! It has been awhile since I've done that. I started out in 2006 all gung ho and dashing out nearly one a day for quite some time. Guess I got lazy over time plus general wellness factors. But I still enjoy the painting, posting, and comments from my friends! :)

I wanted to investigate lighting with this one. By keeping around 80% of the painting dark or colorful midtones, the small area I've selected to receive light is really in the spotlight. I like the dramatic effect. Hope you do too. :)

C&C welcome.
I gave this ol' gal a face job! Many niggly things I wasn't too happy about in the first take. I Worked on her eyes, ears, nose, and added more exciting color to the face shadows. I think the effort was worth it!

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  1. Hi Dean, I think the painting works wonderfully. Love this guys sweet face and the light is a delight.

  2. You are so good at using warm and cool colors, Dean. Your paintings always sparkle with life. This one is great and I smiled when I saw it. I have seen ears like this on someone lately... But who was it?

  3. How timely. Other than complimenting you on your cow, I wanted to applaud you for being so consistent in your posting. I wish I had that discipline. I'll just have to try harder. Great job.

  4. I'm sending you a big par on the back. too! The lighting and warmth of your painting are beautiful, Dean!

  5. Wonderful light and color co-ordinations. Always enjoyable to read your blogging Dean. I am still a little disorganized but am getting there.
    All the best.... Steina

    1. Thank you, Steinunn!
      I'm been visiting your blog and tried to leave a comment each time. But it wants me to fill out a Google profile first...which I won't do. Too bad you're not on Blogspot.

  6. Dear Dean, you are the champion of painting farm animals, and I find myself saying: Now that is how I would like to do it!

  7. It is really interesting to see the changes you made...yes, it looks even better now! wonderful painting--love the super-pretty light

  8. fabulous reflected color in the whites Dean! love it!

  9. Hi Dean.... LOVE this cow...
    I'm so glad I dropped in to see you and your creations.
    yes... blogging does get less of a draw over time, but I still enjoy "meeting" people this way... It so makes me smile to see all of the creative things everyone is up to!!

    Be well.


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