Saturday, August 11, 2012

Box Of Chocolates-Water Lily

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 canvas panel.

This is my contribution to this week's WDE at Wet Canvas. Ros was the hostess who supplied this great reference photo!

I was in the mood to use the painting knife for an impressionistic painting.
So, I painted my impression of the water lily. I was trying to manipulate thick paint until it resembled what I was after. Instead of being in control of the paint and making it take on a preconceived appearance, I watched the paint perform (or do its' own thing) under the guidance of the knife. It's like a box of chocolates...ya never know what you're gonna get. This is a FUN way to paint!!
Must confess, I'm still under the influence of Julie Ford Oliver and her great fracturing technique.

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  1. GORGEOUS water lily, Dean. Love the texture!!!

  2. Hey, Dean! I love this one - the rosy warmth at the center, and the blue-violet shadows in the petals. Yum! (And speaking of "yum," I had forgotten about that cute frog widget, the "click to feed" one! Love it!)

    I think I may actually find out how much you're asking for this, and kinda hoping I'm first...

  3. Truly magnificent, Dean. You have me intrigued by this fractured painting thing. I have to check out your link.

  4. Very nice work Dean! I can see Julie's influence. It looks like it was fun to paint.

  5. Gorgeous impression of the water-lilies, Dean!

  6. Thank you, Hilda!!
    Hey, Eileen!
    I really appreciate your descriptive "take" on this painting! :)
    About the frog: I'm feeding it all the time. Lol!
    Thanks for your interest in this painting!

  7. Hi, Sherry....Thanks for the kind words.
    By all means...check out her site and "fracturing"! It's very rewarding and may be just right for you!

  8. Kaethe...Thank you. This way of painting is a real joy! The painter's sense of discovery is amazing. You look at the finished painting ( if it happens to turn out well)and say, "Did I do that???!! :)

  9. could not be better...I really love those greens!

  10. Great job,Dean. I love your colors and use of the fracturing. Thanks also for the mention. You are a true gentleman!

  11. Love it! I'm sure a lot of folks are dabbling with Julie's fracturing method. It's totally intriguing, but it's great to see your individual style evident there too!

  12. This has wonderful texture and energy, Dean!

  13. Love it Dean! I have not visited in a while. Very nice work!


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