Friday, April 30, 2010

Gaggle Taking A Gander

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.

Geese have a comical look oftentimes. These were really taking a gander at the photographer.
Bunny at Wet Canvas graciously supplied this image for the WDE. Thank you, Bunny.

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Psalm 71:9 Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.


  1. Effectivement dean vos oies sont terribles et craquantes... En attendant très jolie peinture

  2. i realy like this painting, great !ben.

  3. Beautiful gaggle of geese, Dean, but that background is just spectacular and sets this trio off to its best!

  4. Hi Dean!... ALWAYS a pleasure to visit "The Den"! One can always find humour... whimsy... variety of subject matter... and ALWAYS finely crafted paintings!

    I also enjoy and share your spiritual connection to Creation... and Creator! This is what raelly separates your work from that of others.
    Great stuff!

    Good Painting!

    PS LOve those "Idols"... a real winner!

  5. The geese are beautiful but the background is what makes this piece so special.
    One of your best Dean.

  6. Wonderful painting of geese. Love the one on the left looks like he has something to say.

  7. I agree Dean...they make me your lights and darks...and...congrats on winning my painting challenge contest!!

  8. As usual Dean, love it. Wonderful painting of the world's best 'watchdogs' (Fearsome birds!)

  9. Hello dean:
    tahnks for your lovely comment and It is great to hear from you
    take care

  10. I love this painting, Dean! The shading and background is very special. And I love the body language of the goos making eye contact with the spectator!

  11. This is a fun painting Dean!

  12. love the coloring you used Dean.
    Great job

  13. Great painting with a great title! That goose in the foreground is so funny. You really captured their curious nature!

  14. Oh I love this. I have to remember to stop by more often to see your paintings. They're all great and that Sedona Sun, makes me want to hit the road.

  15. I Just popped by while blog hoping, I love the bird on the left, has lots of attitude! I have them wondering past my place and they are so intense! The composition is very good.


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