Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joy Ride-Surfer

I'm trying a different support for this one. It's 5x7 Artboard...gessoed 1/8"tempered hardboard panel. I used to paint on masonite about 6 yrs ago and I re found the joy of painting on a smooth surface. Still using my fav medium... oils.

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~Luke 6:37~


  1. Nice light and shadow on this one Dean.

  2. Your this art work is different from other work.

  3. Thanks, Frank. I like the strong light in the reference photo.

  4. Hi Hotel key...One of the things you may be noticing is that this is a smooth support...gessoed hardboard. I enjoyed working on it.

  5. Hi Dean...I am always surprised at the amount of information you get into such a small painting (5 x 7!) without going overboard...just right! (overboard......there's a pun in there somewhere)

  6. great action! i could look at your work all day!~

  7. Hey, Celeste....Love a good fun pun now and then...:) Anyhow it surfs me right for making so many terrible puns myself.

  8. Hi, Angie...Aw say the nicest things....thanks!


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