Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Praying Soldier - Figurative - Christian Art

Veteran's Day was yesterday, so I apologize for being late.
This painting was originally posted on my blog on Dec, 11, 2006. Today I found, with great pride, that it was used as an illustration on A Boomer In The Pew...A Baby Boomer's Faith Journey. Check it out.

Oil on 5x7 archival canvas panel.This painting of a praying soldier was done with love and in support of our troops. God bless them.

I gave this painting to my grandson, Joey...He's now a member of the United States Army in Kuwait serving as Chaplain's assistant.
Not Available
Psalm 16:1 ~ "Keep me safe, oh God, for in You I take refuge"


  1. wonderful wonderful moving painting

  2. Thank you, Susan. I checked out your blog...I really admire how you use thick textual paint in your work!


  3. Very moving.. what a great gift for your grandson. An interesting link too.

  4. OM - this is very moving indeed. Thanks for re-posting. Tell your grandson - thank you for all he is doing.

  5. Dean, you must be so proud of your grandson. You have captured the feeling of this wonderfully. Well done.

    God bless the troops!

  6. Hi, Helen, Karen, and Bill....Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I must admit, I am proud of my Grandson.

    God bless Joey, the troops, the United States...God bless us all.


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