Friday, October 03, 2008

Cloud Gate Gown

Oil on 5x7 archival canvas panel.

This is yet another submission by me to Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks. It's a fun challenge...she puts up a different photo each Wed. night. Artists from all over submit their renditions of it. The variety and creativity is both amazing and educational.

The painting is of Cloud Gate Sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago. It is also known as 'The Bean'. It has the appearance of a huge mirrored bean. Quite a tourist attraction.

It wasn't easy to paint beacuse of the twisted, contorted images in the reflection. My solution was to simply 'paint what I see'...not 'how I think it should be'. It was great fun to do. Hope that you enjoy it too.


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  1. GREAT composition, Dean. A very nice painting.

  2. Hi, Edward. Thanks for stopping in and the nice comment...I appreciate it.
    I checked out your blog. Nice artwork. I intend to stop back later when I have more time.
    See you.

  3. Hello Dean, I see we both believe that the bride was the focus. I'm not happy with the right side of my painting... that architecture was tough... I'm thinking of adding a tree with some doves. Someone in my family commented about my painting "why is she staring at that condemned building?" ... I might just have too do something about that. If it doesn't sale on ebay this week I think a revision is in the future.

    Congragulations for being featured in Charley Parkers "lines and colors" blog!

  4. Hi, Alice.

    I just had to include the gown wearer...
    Sometimes, if a painting makes people think and ask questions, then the work is considered a success. I like your version of the Bean. Good luck with it on ebay.

    I checked out yor blog...very nice work!

    Congrats to you also for getting your piece on Charley Parker's blog. It's a lot of great exposure.


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