Thursday, October 16, 2008

New York Stock Exchange

Oil on 7x5 archival canvas panel.

This is yet another submission by me to Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks. It's a fun challenge...she puts up a different photo each Wed. night. Artists from all over submit their renditions of it. The variety and creativity is both amazing and instructive.

This week's New York Stock Exchange photo was a challenge and a half. So much detail to get lost in! I had to concentrate on small areas at a time and paint what I saw...even if it didn't make sense. When I got done and stood back...Wah la...Stock Exchange!


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  1. very's not an expected painting. it is intriguing, so much information but not busy at all!

  2. Great job Dean and so small. I have to admit I gave it a go, looking a shapes and colors but after a while it stopped being fun and I wiped it off. On to the next one.

  3. Hi, Angie...Like so many other artists this week, I almost passed on this one. Glad I made the last minute decision to try it, though.
    Check out the different strokes from diff. may want to join in.

  4. I know what you mean, Barb, about the fun disappears after a length of time struggling with a complex reference like this one...but often, just fighting for a few more minutes, you'll have a breakthrough.
    You can also simplify and paint a smaller area.
    As you said,"on to the next one."

  5. Dean congrats on a very challenging piece. It turned out great. Good advice about breaking it down in smaller areas. I have to admit looked at the reference and was overwhelmed. I may give it a good this weekend though.

  6. Hi Karen...I carried the picture of this image around in my head for a full week before finally commiting to painting it. That's how doubtful I was about doing it.
    I think, also, that I was "painting it in my mind". so to speak, during that time.

  7. Wow... Tough subject and a GREAT job!!
    What a fun challenge... you sure lived up to it!


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