Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cow Portrait

Oil on 5x7 archival canvas panel.
Here's another cow portrait. I pre mixed the majority of the paint before starting like I did on the last post with the longhorn...ala Mr. Gardner. I'm a lot happier with the result this time. I added what was needed or combined parts of my five pre mixtures to get more color variations.
The texture is nice...applied with both painting knife and brush.

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  1. Very nice Dean. I'm glad that you are a little happier with the results this time. You have a nice assortment of subtle color variations going on, especially in the detail. I'm wondering if that resulted from pre mixing some color variations, putting them on and leaving them alone?

  2. Thanks, Frank. Yep, I'm quite a bit happier with this one. I believe it's because I put a little more fore thought into mixing my paint piles. And yes, the majority of the subtle variation was achieved by simply putting in pre mixtures and leaving them alone! In other words, a stroke laid is a stroke stayed.

    I continue to follow your blog on the pre mix theory...keep up the great work


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