Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Step #1
On 5x7 hardboard.
A mixture of black gesso and white gesso were roughly mixed to a middle gray. This was brushed on leaving well defined brush marks.
Using a soft, black, graphite pencil, I drew in the two sheep. The deep brush marks in the gesso clearly show up through the graphite. I like this effect because I feel it adds a harmonizing textural look.
Maybe I should have stopped right here and called it done...but I went on...

Step #2
In this step, oil paint was applied thinly with a brush and some was also rubbed in with a cloth. This gave it a soft, laid back, appearance.
Maybe I should have stopped here and called it done...but I went on...

Step #3
Oil on 5x7 hardboard.
Just a few adjustments. Heighten some color...expand the value range.
Stick a fork in it...it's done!!! Of course I could continue to add to it...Thicker strokes! Richer color! Flowers! Weeds! A wolf hiding in the bushes!...NAH! Gimme that there fork! :lol:

A Close Up

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Luke 15:4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?


  1. Nice job! I love combining colored pencil and acrylic, for all the textural effects I can achieve. Here you've added the gesso for the textural element...interesting. Love the work!

  2. i love it......... and especially the added process with the hint to humor. Great piece

  3. En plus des mauvaises herbes et de l'éventuel loup, pourquoi pas la broche du barbecue!
    Assez rigolé! Je trouve que l'association de vos différents procédés est une belle réussite. Le résultat final est là sous mes yeux et flagrant : magnifique.
    Bisous Dean et + un autre pour le gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog.

  4. That was really fun to watch it develop. I did like the graphite only version...but it can not be denied..the final version is GREAT. This makes me want to combine graphite and paint! thanks for sharing the process.

  5. So beautiful, Dean! I loved seeing and hearing your process on this too. I think it is gorgeous in all its incarnations. That soft rub of the paint...delicious!

  6. Merci, Martine! Love your suggestion of adding the barbecue..Lol!

  7. Thanks Deb! I too, like to use colored pencil along with acrylic. Love the control it offers on color adjustments and blending.

  8. Thanks for stopping in, Dominique...always a pleasure.

  9. Thanks Celeste...A pleasure to share ideas. Lord knows I get plenty from you. You're always learning and freely sharing.

  10. You could have stopped, that does look like a complete piece. But, I also like the finished product. Maybe you can figure out how to copy onto canvas and then continue. Two for the price of one! I love lamb. We often have it on the grill. Always have it for Easter!

  11. AMAZING LOOK TO IT! very unique...I love it!!

  12. I enjoy the subtlety of the rubbed-on paint. It enhances but doesn't overwhelm the drawing. Nice piece!

  13. What a super experiment! The end product is beautiful!

  14. Wow Dean...I really love the effect of this! Thanks so much for showing your steps!

  15. pencil and then oil, what an interesting and successful combo.

  16. EWE did a real nice job on this one...sorry, couldn't resist :)


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