Monday, December 27, 2010


Close ups

Acrylic on 8x10 hardboard.

You folks may remember my neighbor, Jack, who had me paint three pet portraits of his doggies.
Well, his daughter-in-law said she would like a painting of her long haired daschund named Digger. So her hubbie commissioned me to paint up a surprise for her.

I heard that she was very happy with it...Whew! That's the best part of know that what you do is capable of bringing a bit of joy to someone.


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  1. well of course she is happy with is great! beautiful expression and the light on the fur is amazing! great job!

  2. Is that not the truth Dean. Acceptance of a commision. It is just about always like having teeth pulled and rarely do we have a commission turned down. but I too am always so relieved when it is done and payment made.
    Have a great New Year my friend.

  3. Wonderful portrait of Digger, Dean. Beautiful expression on this little guy. Love the background as well.

  4. Dean, Digger is a delight, indeed. I can imagine that her owner is very happy with this thoughtful gift from her husband.

    I am very impressed with all your latest work. "Father and Son" is very interested in that limited pallette. I appreciated your explanation of the process for over the river.

    I've been a watercolor painter, but I am now tackling some acrylics after finding I am allergic to oil paints, or perhaps the mediums used with them. I am curious ow you decide when to use oil or acrylic in your work?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me with my pastels. I had a lovely blessed Christmas and hope you had the same.

  5. Darn Deano! Darn dandy job on Digger! Love the eyes especially. [sorry ran out of D-words]

  6. I can see why the gift was liked. This is a delightful painting and they eyes speak volumes.

  7. Your painting of Digger is sweet.

  8. Handsome little fellow - well done.

  9. Wow you have been busy, i must visit more often Dean, these are all great!!

  10. Digger is adorable. Nice job. I am sure your client was very happy.


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