Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award!

Kreative Blogger Award

I've been honored with the Kreative Blogger Award!! The gracious giver is a highly talented artist and friend, Bunny Griffeth. Please check out her blog for some fantastic watercolor work!

To comply with the rules, here are seven things about myself. I decided to state it as seven things I love.

My 7 Loves!

1...I love the early dawn quiet...the birds and nature noises... before the world gets cranked up and running.

2...My faithful companion through it toy poodle, Dolly.

3... Painting to music...makes the painting flow better.

4....Painting...It seems the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.


6...The United States of America...I've always been patriotic...what we're facing today as a country is very troubling.

7...I love God's Word...All of the above would not mean a thing without the Bible as the base.

And now I pass the Kreative Blogger Award onto 7 very talented artists. Make sure you check out their work and say "Hi"!
1 Qiang Huang

2 Miro Sinovcic

3 Lesley Spanos Art

4 Saundra Lane Galloway

5 Jane Hunt

6 Dominique Eichi

7 Connie Tom


  1. Dean, I feel honored to have this passed along to me! Thank you my friend!!

  2. Thank-you Dean!
    I feel honored too that you picked me to receive this!
    Hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!:)

  3. Wow ................ You are very deserving of this Dean and thank you for passing it on ...... I accept.
    I understand why your chicken is thankful but let's not tell him that on most Sunday's he is the main attraction at


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