Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thank You, Edward Burton

Yesterday I opened my mail to discover that I had been chosen to receive the "I Care" keepsake. This award was created by James Parker to show his appreciation of fellow bloggers. James is a highly talented artist with a driving desire to keep his audience laughing. But more importantly, he possesses a beautiful heart.
Here is the poem James wrote to accompany the keepsake
I had some folks come visit, my humble little blog
And leave a thoughtful comment, 'bout the painting I had
I don't know how to tell them, or even where to start,
Of the wondrous gift they gave me, bringing joy to my heart
Some days are dark and lonely...I feel that life's a bore
But those simple words of kindness, have brought sunshine
to my door.
Now, this Keepsake has been presented to me by an extremely gifted artist, Edward Burton. Edward has proven to be an inspiration to many fellow blogging artists, including myself. On top of a heavy schedule of creating top notch paintings, it seems he always has time to comment upon fellow artists work...knowing just what to say. Thank you, Edward.

Since I am the humble and honored recipient of this keepsake, I should pass it on to two deserving artists who make the blogosphere a brighter place.
Karen Hargett
A very talented lady who puts her genuine love of animals on display for everyone to see in each painting she does. Her comments are truly helpful and inspiring. You must check her out.
Trevor Lingard
If you are looking for absolutely amazing watercolor art, then look no further. This man makes the almost impossible appear easy...the mark of talent! I always enjoy it when he stops by my blog. Please check him out.


  1. Congratulations on your art! Your horsing around is stunning. Thank you for visiting my blog, too!

  2. Thanks, Deb. I truly enjoyed your artwork...I'll be back.

  3. Hello Dean
    I am very honoured and humbled to recieve this award from you especially.
    I have never had anything like this before passed on to me.
    I am not familiar with such an award and not sure what the protocol is regarding its use.
    Do I pass this on to fellow bloggers.
    Again thank you so much, you are an inspiration to many artists.

  4. Well deserved Deano... have a Manhattan on me. Excellent choices on recipients also.

  5. Deano you so deserve this lovely award. Your art just blows me away. That poem is so touching. Thank you for visiting me as well even though I'm just starting to blog.

  6. Thank you for the very kind words, Dean, they are much appreciated.
    You made two excellent choices.

  7. Congratulations. Edward made a fine choice in you.!!

  8. Hi, Trevor! Ooops...sorry I forgot to include instructions about passing it on. That is all explained in my email to you.
    Once again, is well deserved.

  9. Thank you, Sheila...I'll drink to that.

  10. Hi Helen...thank you, my friend.

  11. Thanks for the kind words, Judy. Visiting your blog was my pleasure.

  12. Thanks, Edward. And words are heartfelt.

  13. Thank you for saying so, Patrice.

  14. Sorry it took me a while to respond Dean - it's been crazy. I do appreciate your kind words and passing this award along to me. It means a lot coming from you. Thanks again. Now I'll have to decide who to pass it along to. . .

  15. You're very welcome, Karen. This keepsake is highly deserved by you.


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