Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wally-Silver Schnauzer ...Finished

Here's the fourth in my series of progression shots of Wally the Sliver Schnauzer. Bonnie and Bob (who are owned by Wally) are just super to work with. It has been a truly enjoyable experience to email them progress shots and work on their suggestions.

In my last post of this project, I hadn't yet decided on a background. I had previously taken some reference shots of their gorgeous backyard floral garden. From those, I chose the fence and roses. For this fourth step I laid in the background, worked on the fur, and developed the contrast.

The fifth and final step....I developed the fur in more detail and adjusted the color. More accurate color was applied to the fence and roses, while still keeping them under played so that it wouldn't compete with the main focal point, Wally.

I tuned up the color intensity and contrast of the grass to best show off Wally. Bits of the original red toned canvas were allowed to peek through here and there. This helps to unify and harmonize the painting.

There, you have it...Wally from beginning to end. Acrylic on a 14x11 stretched canvas. I hope you all enjoyed the trip...I did. And a big thank you to Bonnie and Bob! Enjoy your painting!

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