Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spirit...WIP First Installment

This work in progress will demonstrate my technique on a commissioned painting. This beautiful collie's name was Spirit. She belonged to two super folks in Santa Barbara, Ca. I did a painting for them in Dec. 2006( it was of another much beloved dog named Miejek). Sadly, both dogs have passed away. See Miejek here.
I will change the background on Spirit's photo to match the seascape and lavender ice-plant in Miejek's painting. Above is the first step...a sketch approx. 6x8 sent for approval.

After the sketch was ok'd, I put the drawing on a 24x36 stretched canvas. The canvas is toned with various reds in acrylic. This eliminates the white making it easier to see the true values in the painting to come. Also the underlying red affects the paint on top of it by warming thinner, any small "holes" or missed spots will show up as red thus harmonizing and energizing the painting.
Stay tuned...there will be more to come.


  1. It's so interesting watching other artists work in progress. It's very educational

  2. Hi, Austen...welcome aboard. Thanks for commenting.


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