Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life Lessons-Canada Goose

Close ups

Oil on 7x5 hardboard.

This is my contribution to this week's DPW Challenge. This is the Value Challenge presented by Carol Marine. It went like this: For you guys using oil, paint on a burnt umber ground, wipe it down to a mid value, paint in the darks, and wipe out for lights (with paper towel or q-tips - try dipping in mineral spirits for the really white stuff). Use ONLY burnt umber (or raw umber if that’s all you have) - no white!!!

I painted on my standard 5x7 factory gessoed hardboard using burnt umber. Normally I add my own textured gesso. But this time I used the very smooth finish knowing it would be easy to wipe back to the light value. But the darker values slid around like grease and were really difficult to nail down. Anyway, here it is. A fine learning experience.

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  1. You have captured me with this wonderful technique, Dean. The raw umber lasts for ages and one runs out of uses for it. I imagine using it for a still life of some antique objects. I will let you know what the result was!

  2. A goose started to chase me in the park today.

  3. The technique is interesting and the result amazing!

  4. I am a beginner to oil painting.
    Every time I come across and oil painting, the technicality used is different.
    Learning a lot from blogs.

  5. So beautiful, Dean. I love the effect of an old old photograph or painting too. Makes me wonder at this goose's life...

  6. Hello Dean
    I hope you are well
    Indeed this is a good excercise in tonal values.
    You are indeed a master of whatever you challenge.
    One of my fav oil painters on the blog.
    Best Regards


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