Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Close ups
This is acrylic approx.5x8...on two pages.

Painting for The Flying Moleskins. Check it out.
This is for Michelle's book. The theme being favorite things...places...memories.
I used to spend more time than any human being should, trying to figure out and many times catching the great large mouth bass. Doing this painting revived many pleasant memories of being wrapped in nature-studying all her many moods and creatures. I feel the experience works it's way into my paintings.

Hope you like it, Michelle.

This and Dominique's book will be headed your way Vern!

Be still, and know that I am God!


  1. Dean, this is SPECTACULAR! I love how the fish emerges from the abstract nature of the water. I love the colors. I love the light shining through from above. I love the lure. OK, I guess I just love everything about it. Lucky Michelle!


  2. Dean, I just left you a comment on F.M., what an outstanding contribution for Michelle's book! I really love the texture you've achieved here and that beautiful dark background really emphasizes those lovely bright greens. Very, very nice!

  3. I love this fish. The values and hues are so impressive. Makes me want to go fishing.

  4. Dean, this is incredible!! LOVE IT!! Makes me remember a time when I held my breath underwater to see what a fish mouth looks like! HA...I painted it...but don't have a clue where it is...NICE WORK!!

  5. Absolutely love this, Dean. The shadowy, dappled light, the wonderful fish, texture and movement. I'm hooked. :-D Terrific work!

  6. It is great- thank you Dean!

  7. This fish heading out of the murky waters towards us is just phenomenal, Dean. I think it is just truly inspired and fabulous and I keep having to go back and look again!

  8. This is really stunning Dean. It's almost like a watercolour the way you've achieved that wonderful effect.

  9. You should do more fish paintings. This is great, I can feel the personal touch.

  10. I just posted this on the Flying Moleskin but I think it bears repeating!!
    This is wonderful Dean, you really captured the depth of the water with the fish just under the surface, great texture too...bravo!

  11. Beautifully painted, my friend. Plus, I really like the 2-page spread - works very well with the subject.


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