Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wally-Silver Schnauzer

A couple of great people asked me to do a painting of their best friend. So with their permission I will be posting the progress shots as I proceed. When I do a pet portrait, I like to have the client take part in the process, so I send them progress shots and invite their suggestions as I go along...I find it to be a tremendous help. The painting will be acrylic on a 14x11 stretched canvas.

1...The Drawing...
I like to prime my canvas to a mid value using black and white gesso...leaving it not over blended, but marbled. I then tint the surface with a warm mixture of thinned acrylic...mainly alizarin crimson. In the case of a portrait, I do a drawing on paper then transfer it onto the canvas by using pencil rubbed paper. The drawing is then restated using a thinned mix of alizarin & Ultra. blue.

2...Here, I'm laying in fur tones made of Ultra. blue & Burnt Sienna & white...with occasional Thalo blue, Aliz. Crimson & Diox. Purple. I keep it all in the lower scale of mid range value. Don't forget to follow the direction of the fur growth. Plus, the important darks are placed as accurately as possible.

3...More of the same for step three. Here I start to try to get a feel for a background. Strange as it may seem, I still haven't selected a background at this point. My friends , Bob and Bonnie, are super gardeners and have a backyard of flowers that is amazing. I have a lot of excellent photos which I took myself and some which she has sent me. I plan on using one of those as a backdrop for Wally.

That's it for now. More is on the way. Keep checking back for the next developments. Till next time.......

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