Monday, February 18, 2008

Generation Montage--Graphite

Something really different this time, dear readers.

This is graphite (hb, 3b, and 5b) on 100 lb. Canson Bristol Vellum, medium tooth.
C&C welcome. The paper is 14 x11...image size is 12x9.
The last time I did a graphite drawing like this was at least 7 years ago. This drawing includes gran, dad, and son. It went surprisingly fast and was surprisingly fun and rewarding. The son goes by spOOky and hosted this week's WDE at Wet Canvas. He posted separate pics of his dad and gran. He uses his photo as his avatar. I just combined all three pictures into a generational montage. Let me know what ya think!

This was a lot of fun to get back into. If anyone out there in cyber-land is interested in having a graphite portrait done, please contact me by email.

Email me to inquire about commissioning some graphite art.

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Proverbs 6:20
My son , observe the commandment of your father And do not forsake the teaching of your mother


  1. Seems like lots of people are taking a step or two outside of their comfort zone lately Dean. Well done. I would like to see some more pencil sketches if you do any.
    Nice and looose.

  2. like you're goofy happy look, not easy to capture.

  3. Hey I like this a lot! Like the montage-ness of it. Good job.


  4. Hi, Frank...Yeah, I noticed you switching to still life...Great little painting BTW. I leave the ol' comfort zone every so often...usually when I return, everything is renewed a bit. I'll see what I can do with more pencil...don't know yet which way I'll jump..Lol.

  5. Hey, Bill! Thanks for dropping in. For some reason, this happy, unusual expression was fairly easy to get down...go figure???

  6. Hi, Sandy! Thanks. I really enjoy trying to compose pictures into a montage.

    Best wishes, Dean

  7. nice pencil drawing, i like the looseness of it. the grandmother's rendering doesn't stand out as much as the other two, did you do that on purpose? getting a good balance in a montage is difficult, you did a great job.

  8. Christine...Yes,I did it on purpose. The idea is to make the generations recede as they go back in time...therefor, the grandmother would stand out less than the other two.


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