Thursday, December 13, 2007

White Longhorn-Western Art

Oil on 5x7 archival canvas panel.
It seems I have been on some new ground, exploring different aspects of art in the last several paintings..but that is how you learn. But when I started doing this longhorn, I felt on familiar ground, once again. And the feeling is very good and welcome.
I applied exhuberant colors with both a painting knife and a brush...forget about subtelty...Loved it!! After several years of searching, I feel as though I have found my "style" "signature"....but who knows how I'll feel tomorrow??

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    1. Hi Dean, I was looking around on Daily Painters marketplace and I immediately knew this was one of your paintings. Maybe this is your style, I sure could pick it out as yours. Nice work. Barb

    2. Nice variety of strokes Dean. I like how you used just the right amount of knife work without sticking it everywhere.
      I think that "style" just comes with being true to ourselves. I have a looser style, a tighter style, but it is me. Style should evolve with us on our journey.

    3. Thanks, Barbie, for taking time to stop and comment. There have been several other bloggers who have told me the same thing (I immediately knew this was one of your paintings). Just to be recognized is good.

    4. Hi, Frank! Really nice to hear from you. I believe that I continuously make looping journeys to investigate that which appeals to me in art. This is so hard to avoid with all the availabilty of art sites and blogs on the internet. Sometimes I may pick up a few valuable nuggets on the way, but I always return to my signature style.

    5. Another sweet pensive cow, Beautiful!


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