Monday, September 27, 2010

Turkey Trot

Close ups

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.

Here's my contribution to this week's WDE at Wet Canvas. The photo was provided by Gail.

I first covered the board with black gesso. Love that stuff!

I recall doing this same ref on April 25, 2008. I also believe it was when Gail was hosting. So, I thought I might do better the second time around. Don't know if I did but it was fun doing this one again.

With Thanksgiving a short time away I imagined these wise birds as doing some training in jogging and evasive tactics.

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  1. Black gesso, acrylic washes, I have learnt much from you lately, Dean!Lovely turkeys!

  2. Je ne sais pas si vos pintades font du jogging mais elles fuient... Beau mouvement dans cette peinture. Félicitations.

  3. Lovely! Makes one feel like they are out in the field with the turkeys. Very nice colors in all.

    How does one get hooked up with WDE?

  4. good looking turkeys---(I can't help but think about alcohol)

  5. Wonderful composition, great brushstrokes!

  6. Love the turkeys, Dean - beautifully handled.

  7. Beautifully done. I am amazed that you create beautiful paintings out of content like a turkey!!! God-given talent sir! Thank you!

  8. I love the composition on this one. I like how the third guy is just entering the painting. Nice job.

  9. good one Dean. Love the contrasts

  10. I got to photograph some wild turkeys while on vacation this summer, they are interesting birds.


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