Saturday, July 11, 2009

Above It All Down Under-Koala

Close ups.

Oil on 5x7 hardboard.

The reference photo for this painting was provided by Sandy for the WDE at Wet Canvas.
I just had to try this cute eucalyptus leaf muncher! The biggest challenge for me were the many subtle colors in the soft toned gray fur.
I started with a painting knife then switched to a brush...this seems to inspire and remind me to apply the paint generously. An enjoyable painting for me. Hope y'all like it. :)

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  1. Great, Dean - yes I think we all love it!

  2. he's a darling, how sweet and lovely

  3. Oh Dean just too cute! Having seen them up close in Oz, they are quite cute and cuddly, but they sleep all day!

  4. Amazing Deano! How do you get the color, dimension so well in just a few strokes! Oh, I forgot, your talent and experience speaks for it all. hugs!

  5. Great art Dean! And I especially love your title! Very clever!

  6. What a beautiful painting Dean. Love the way you heaped on the the paint. This texture gives some great depth in just the right spots.

  7. Love it! You've really brought him to life.

  8. The black background of your site adds drama to these. (I saw them first at I hadn't noticed your strokes of light until now. And I love the impasto!

  9. Nice work...I liked the Koala as well..

  10. Great job on this cutie and on the Donkey. Your style keeps getting stronger and stronger. Love it!

  11. You have captured the gorgeous softness of these little guys, I know, being an Aussie I have been in contact with many over the years.
    This is lovely Dean, your paintwork is quite masterful. I love your blog.
    Happy painting


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