Thursday, April 02, 2009

Father, Forgive Them

Oil on 5x7 gessoed hardboard.
I have been wanting to do a painting to commemorate Easter for about the last five years-and for some reason or another, the date has always passed with no painting...much to my regret. Well, I'm happy to say that I made it this year with some time to spare.

I started this painting without much pre planning. Each element was added as a separate, last minute,after-thought ...the light halo glow...the crown of thorns...the stream of blood... the cross against the foreboding sky.

Almost as if it painted itself, as they say. Psssst... Between you and me, I believe that sometimes He takes a hand in it. He paints it...I just hold the brush. I call it PUI..."painting under the influence".

Even the photographing and editing went smoother and easier than any I have done since I've been doing this internet thing...around 5 years!

I'm going to shut up, and just say that I'm happy with how it turned out!


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Luke 23:34 NIV
Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.


  1. Beautiful! He is proud of you, I'm sure!

  2. It´s amazing! You can even see what he must have felt - and he thought of us!
    Thanks for this picture!

  3. Beautiful work, Dean! I love the "PUI" phrase! Says it all. This is very powerful. It really does radiate strength and love! Happy Easter (soon)!

  4. Dean, this is beautiful and your story is touching.

  5. Actually it's PUTI and isn't it wonderful to know we are putty in His hand when we let go.
    Your painting is so wonderful his eye is.. WOW ! just so beautiful. Thank you God for using Dean.

  6. His eye is filled with so much emotion, Dean!

  7. This is wonderful. And I have experienced PUI many times. There is no experience that comes close to it, is there? Great painting!

  8. This is what God gave me a few years ago and I am passing it on- Isaiah 42:6
    I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand.
    BTW you have an blog award waiting at my place
    Dancing Strokes.

  9. Wow... This gave me chills Deano. It's truly wondrous to see God given gifts work in such a wonderful way.

  10. Deano,
    You have made me laugh out loud with the term PUI - I LOVE it and I will be using that a lot from now on - thank you! This painting is wonderful - so glad you were able to finally accomplish what you had been called to 5 years ago! Happy Easter to you. :-)

  11. Rejoice! This is moving.

  12. Hi Dean,
    Of all the holidays of the year I love Easter..It reminds me that we are all redeemable..every one of us, even the worst "cases" (lol). Your painting clearly imparts hopefulness and love. No wonder you are please with the is a home run.

  13. Dean, tremendous work on this painting. One can see the love that went into it. Thank you for painting it and sharing it with us.

  14. Hello Dean
    Gosh this has made me gulp a bit.
    The eye says everything.
    Kind Regards

  15. Dean, the emotion and expression in this one is really something remarkable. It's just beautiful!

    The whole PUI thing is kind of an inspiration for me. There are times I sit down to paint and I get so frustrated before I even begin sometimes. Somewhere within, I know that if I would just go for it and stop worrying about the composition being good enough or whatever, everything would work out fine because I know I'm meant to use my God given talent. Thanks for sharing : )

  16. WOW or WOW Dean - this is magnificent! I love it! Very touching and powerful - you have been given a great gift to share - thank you!

  17. Hi Dean,

    Thank you for your inspiring art work and words as well. I hope every painting I do is also under His direction, that's the only way to work!


  18. It worked. I think you pulled it off just fine. Just finished watching Ben Hur[for the upteenth time]I think the walk of Jesus as portrayed in this film has to be the best of all portrayals. You can just get the feel of agony even beyond the physical that Jesus was going through.
    I think you got some feeling into this my friend.


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