Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Swan-Animal Art

Oil on 8x10 archival canvas panel. Here, I have revisited a style I used in the recent past. I've always enjoyed all the color in "white". It felt good to try to create a painting that glows.


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    1. The Swan painting is wonderful and I had to stop and write you an email telling you that. In fact, I love your work. I paint with a group of 11 Texas collaborative artists at Http://canvasbycanvas.com and we have been painting some mini paintings of cats..and fun to do. I'm on Marketplace also and paint in acrylics and I've never tried oils. You do a marvelous job and I enjoyed the visit to your site.

    2. Hello Dean. I stopped in to check out your site, and wound up looking through your entire archive. Congratulations on your persistence! I specially enjoy your strong sense of design and dramatic, original color. I'll be back regularly to see what's going on!

    3. Hi Nancy. Thanks for the supportive comment and email. I can use all of those I can get.
      I toured your blog and enjoyed the super artwork.

    4. Hi Jimmy. Thanks for checking me out...much appreciated.

    5. This one is great. I like the background you had chosen.


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