Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rooster In Glowing Color

I enjoyed playing the warm bright color of this defiant looking bird against the dark background.
Oil on 11x14 archival canvas panel.



  1. Deano, great stuff. neat how you get away with the red. I too learn from Richard Schmid's 'Alla Prima' and Scott Burdick.
    Can you tell me how you get the subscribe feed on your blog?

  2. Hi, Gregg! Red is my "signature vice", Lol. Right below my 'subscribe' you will see FeedBlitz. Click on'll be right there, ready to sign on.

  3. Hi Dean

    Your work is beautiful. I really like it.

    Thank you for adding your name to Art Blogs 4 U.

    Oh! by the way ... Karitane is the place I live!

  4. Hey, Lesly. Sorry about the oops on the name. Thanks for the complimentary words on my work. I'll be adding Art Blogs 4 U to my site soon.


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