Sunday, December 03, 2006

Miejek...A Beloved Collie

Oil on 24x36 stretched canvas.
The head detail of this painting was posted on Dec. 1. I just now have the entire canvas covered. Still a lot of work to do. Miejek will be setting in a field of lilacs. The flowers will cover most of the paws. The foreleg will be slimmed somewhat, likewise the belly. Bright sunlit lilacs will be added where appropriate, lightening the forground.

Mitch and Jeffyne are dear people, and such a pleasure to communicate with. They are extremely active in animal rescue and protection efforts. Jeffyne's love for this dog is without bounds. Miejek passed away not long ago. It is an honor to be asked to do this portrait of an animal held so dear. I hope I will be worthy and up to the task ahead.


  1. Another stunner! The windblown fur is perfect. So is the ocean. I spent some time in Santa Barbara when I was a kid, and it looks just right.

    I'm trying to imagine lilacs here, and I'm just not able to do it. Lilacs are woody bushes, 5-12' tall. Are the flowers lavender, maybe?

  2. Yep, you're right, Tami. This will be a carpet of lavender flowers. I have lilac bushes in my backyard...Duh.


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