Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Still Life- Apples & Roses

Here's another older painting. Oil on14x18 stretched canvas. Possession of the artist.


  1. This is frankly very lovely. I wouldn't part with this if I'd painted it!

  2. Thanks, Maryanne. I have often had the urge to sell this in the past. But since it was a favorite of my wife who passed away, I've held onto it in memory of her.

  3. Dean, This is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it...the composition, the colors, the subject matter, and of course the play of light and shadows! Now this is quality work!

  4. Thanks, Connie, for your supportive words on this piece. I have loved your work on eBay for quite some time. Now that I've found your blog I'm very happy.

    Best wishes, Dean


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