Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ohio Sunset

Oil on 5x7 archival canvas panel.
First of all, thanks, Mary, for the great WDE photos.. I liked the Amish haystack from southeastern Ohio...I've seen plenty of 'em up here in northeastern OH.
I tried to set the scene in a sunset by completely relying upon my memory of past sunsets I have enjoyed. Hope this painting wil bring back a pleasant memory to you. ya think that haystack is toooo dead center? I was hoping it might work there... on account of all the counter-balancing going on with the background elements.

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  1. Dean, I like this so much. I think the haystack works there. It has a wonderful peaceful feel to it and I always am fond of paintings of farms. I am an Ohio girl after all.

  2. Thanks, Barb. I appreciate your supportive comment, my fellow Ohioan.;)

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